“KINK-EASE” Sports Pain Lotion

   Announcing a new, inexpensive pain cream.  Superior for athletic and competitive use.  Anti-Inflammatory action works within 60 seconds. Recently introduced at the Bando/Isshinryu Tournament in June and the Kick-Boxing Bando Nationals in November, this product is receiving wide acclaim for its ability to immediately relieve pain, increase flexibility and reduce inflammation due to injuries.

   Most widely used sports lotions such as Tiger Balm and Bio-Freeze use Camphor, Menthol or Capsicum to merely mask pain by simply cooling or heating the skin to distract the brain from the underlying pain. Many readily available products such as Icy Hot and Bengay also utilize methyl salicylate, which is also an ingredient in toilet bowl cleaner, mouthwash, pesticides and pet care products.  Methyl salicylate absorption through the skin has resulted in at least one death from systemic poisoning.  It is a common pediatric poison and its use is strongly discouraged.

   Unlike these other products, “KINK-EASE” contains Methylsulfonyl Methane (MSM) a widely used anti-inflammatory medication.  MSM is widely found in nature and is essentially non-allergenic.  Cow’s milk is the most abundant source of MSM.  Many of you are probably already aware of the benefits of the product Glucosamine/Chondroitin/MSM, a widely used oral product for improved joint and cartilage health.  MSM relieves pain through several mechanisms. Acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, reduction of tissue swelling, reduction in vasodilation, pain is reduced.  The drawback to oral administration of MSM is the slow absorption, limited effective dosage when taken systemically, and time delay in having an effect on the pain area.

   With “KINK-EASE” the highest available concentration of MSM provided the rapid onset of action.  The base in which the MSM is suspended influences the depth and adequacy of penetration.  “KINK-EASE” provided ten times more MSM than any available product, in an advanced transdermal base.

   If you would like more information on “KINK-EASE” or would like to experience the amazing pain relieving effects for yourself, contact Bob Maxwell at 302-245-4468, or by email at BobMaxwell@mchsi.com.  He will be happy to respond to your questions, or send you “KINK-EASE” at a discounted price for our Martial Arts family. More information on the product and its use, refer to our Website  www.FoxTag.net.  Online ordering will be available in the near future….Discounted pricing will still be available by contacting Bob for the “Discount Promo Code” to use when ordering online.



  As you know I have two very bad shoulders. Some nights I have been unable to train at all. Most nights I just get by and dread the results. Sleeping has become a touch and go process also. Your suggestion to try Kink-Ease was the same time my doctor put me on a full regiment of Aleve. When I would forget the Aleve my recovery suffered. When I would leave off the Kink-Ease my work outs and my recovery suffered. I have tried all the other over the counter treatments from Chondroitin to Emu Oil. Nothing really worked. So I was skeptical that Kink-Ease would work also. I gave it a full test on its own, so as not to just imagine the results, or give it credit that belonged to Aleve. As you know, I just re-ordered. This stuff really works and I am now able to participate in all classes (karate, boxing jujitsu) and weight lifting on off days. I also noticed that after applying it, my hands didn't hurt especially my thumb joints. After 43 years in the martial arts and being sixty seven years old, I would say that I have found a portion of my youth and strength again. Thank you Bob, I owe you buddy.

Denny Shaffer
9th Dan, Isshin-ryu
Master instructor, Dragon Sen-I Jutsu
Red Dragon School of MMA




E-Mail: shaffersdragons@aol.com


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